E-learning with Flying Teachers

E-learning with Flying Teachers

global - Flying Teachers are there for you all over the world and represented all around the globe. Your ideal partner for language teaching.

digital - You can attend the lessons live via webinar or in the virtual classroom. Subsequently, the lessons are available as a podcast.

face-to-face - Our teachers teach on-site in a traditional, dedicated and efficient way - wherever you are.

E-learning products

Hybrid Webinar

  • The course takes place in a classroom
  • Attendance also possible online
  • Recorded lessons can be viewed by course participants at any time
  • Participants require a headset
  • Homework is given online

Webinar Virtual Class

  • The course takes place online
  • Attendance only possible online
  • Recorded lessons can be viewed by course participants at any time
  • Participants require a headset
  • Homework is given online

Video Podcast

  • Participants attend classes
  • Participants unable to attend can listen in live online
  • Number of participants not limited
  • Lessons can be repeated in online format for one month


In order to save costs and improve availability, Flying Teachers has made available a range of tailored course books online.

As has been the case for some time, course participants can practise grammar exercises online whenever and wherever they want, and improve their knowledge and skills.

E-learning products are available to both individual students and corporate clients!

Make use of our e-books for your language learning! This new variant offers you a range of advantages. E-books are available everywhere, they can be continually updated and tailored to course participant requirements.

Team up with Flying Teachers for an economically and ecologically sustainable future!

Homework Platform

This platform enables homework, corrected materials and much more to be managed even more simply and efficiently. A genuine added value for our language course participants!


Flying Teachers uses the award-winning Lingua-TV for effective e-learning. Learners can find videos in 12 languages to aid practice. The videos contain authentic situations involving native speakers of the language in question. This helps learners obtain vocabulary required and improve their pronunciation. General situations met in real life, interactive exercises like quizzes, crosswords and other games are available for the learner.


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Online practice material

This tool complements our learning method and gives you the opportunity to continue learning outside the classroom. Flying Teachers Cloud-Learning is accessible at all times, you can freely connect and carry out exercises wherever you want, whenever you want. Some of the online exercises may be assigned to you by your classroom teacher.

Cloud-Learning English

Cloud-Learning French

Cloud-Learning German

Virtual classroom

In virtual classrooms up to six participants can have their lesson together wherever they are located.
Communication between participants and teacher takes place via screen and headset. The teacher has at hand all electronic aids and numerous possibilities to interact with text and tasks.





Speedlingua places emphasis on oral training. It uses the frequency range of the respective languages to aid audio perception, improve comprehension and practise fluent, confident expression and melody.


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