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Flying Teachers offers you academic support in all school subjects and at all school levels. This "classic private tuition" s based entirely on your strengths and weaknesses. What it's all about is working on a
specific topic or helping with homework. We support you: always and everywhere.

Our courses for schoolkids

Individual lessons

In one-to-one lessons, you personally decide on the day, time and place of your tutoring. We carry
out individual tutoring courses throughout Switzerland. Depending on what you wish for and require,
you can book a few lessons or opt for long-term support. Lessons that have been booked and
confirmed with dates cannot be cancelled, postponed, or exchanged for other lessons!

Repetition course

Our revision courses are aimed at students in the 6th, 7th and 8th grades. They serve to process your
school material from the previous school year so that you can start the new school year with more
self-confidence and security

Exam preparation

An important exam is coming up and the material won’t sit? Our team of teachers is available to
provide you with exam tips and help you to understand the subject matter correctly and to recognize
connections. We would also be happy to work with your specific question and learning goal lists from

Fit for vocational school

Are you starting an apprenticeship after the summer? Excellent - an exciting phase of your life is
ahead of you! If you would like to review the most important topics again before starting the course
to ensure that you have no gaps and that knowledge is fresh, then contact us!

Fit for the BMS

“Fit for BMS” courses are suitable for all those who have passed the entrance exam and want to have
a relaxed start to vocational training with BMS.

Probationary support

Probationary accompaniment serves to make it easier for students to enter a new school or class.
Here, questions can be clarified, material viewed more thoroughly and learning strategies trained. We
offer probationary support for the 1st secondary school and high school.

German for apprentices

Good knowledge of German is also crucial for your successful apprenticeship. We will carry out a
placement test for you. If this shows that your language skills are not yet sufficient, you should train
this specifically - for your long-term success in your professional life. We organize this course tailor-
made for those interested. Please fill out our contact form.

Dealing with stress

Experience has shown that students understand the material but do not succeed in the exam due to
perceived stress. We are happy to support you here. Our Flying Teachers competence team focuses
on the following topics: avoiding blackouts, overcoming exam anxiety and improving the ability to

Free orientation tests – where do I stand?

Orientation tests for German, French and mathematics are available online and free of charge.

Suitable for primary, secondary and high school students.​These online orientation tests evaluate where the student stands in the school material. Building on

this, support measures can be planned if necessary and material gaps can be closed in a targeted manner.

Language courses for schoolchildren


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