Workplace integration

Workplace integration with Government Subsidies

Do you have staff members in your company who you would like to be better integrated in day-to-day activities? We offer a range of basic courses in the areas of languages, computer and mathematics. We bring your employees further and provide them with the tools to improve their professional skills. This education in areas of basic skills which are required in general employment are supported and subsidised by the federal government. You need only define the need; the rest is taken care of by Flying Teachers. We will provide you with advice, complete application forms, provide you with a tailored course plan and carry out the training programme on your premises or in one of our centrally located course centres. And what is the added value? You will have better integrated, competent and satisfied staff, a far lower level of staff fluctuation and will have courses fully financed by the federal government. Just give us a call or complete the contact form – we will be happy to advise you further.


Literacy incl. language training

The courses are designed for foreign staff who are not fully familiar with the Latin alphabet. In our literacy courses the participants are familiarised with the Latin alphabet and improve the automatisation of their reading and writing skills. In addition we offer integrated language training. Courses are offered at various levels in line with the participants’ requirements.

German for professional integration

These courses offer your staff intensive German training with core elements defined by you. Should better general communication with colleagues and superiors be concentrated on? Or is communication with customers, comprehension of forms, documents and directives more important? You tell us what level of German your staff should have, and we will train them accordingly, thus improving the staff’s integration in the company.

German for apprentices and trainees

Do you require special training for your apprentices, interns and trainees? We will be delighted to put together a tailored language training programme for your young staff including individual course plans, vocabulary relating to sector and company, enabling them to improve comprehension within the company and with customers, partners and suppliers.


PC user course

This course is designed for people who are challenged by the rapid technological and digital development in today’s society. In this course you will learn to work with the computer and use important applications (Windows operating system). Subjects covered in the course include drafting and saving documents with Word, creating folder structures, becoming familiar with the internet and using it correctly, playing audio and video files, and how to upload documents and multimedia data.

PC advanced course

This course is designed for adults who have already dealt with the basic competencies covered in the PC User Course and would now like to go a stage further. With an experienced instructor, you will gain confidence and independence in dealing with the common Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) as well as the internet.

ECDL-Base (European Computer Driving Licence)

The ECDL Certificate is recognised throughout Europe as a certificate confirming ability to use a computer. Previous knowledge of computers is not required. In four modules (computer basics, online basics, data processing with Word and spreadsheet calculation with Excel) you will gain valuable knowledge enabling you to use computers with confidence.


Do you have employees who need support in basic maths skills for their day-to-day work? Do these employees have problems with basic maths operations? In small groups, employees refresh their knowledge of maths, close gaps and learn the most important content and operations of everyday maths, such as calculating the rule of three or equations, and how to apply them. We are happy to work with specific tasks from your employees' direct working environment.

We will gladly organize these courses in-house in your company.

  • Price on request. Date, time and place by arrangement
  • Course language in English on request
  • We offer group courses at our locations in Bern and Zurich.

Work integration courses


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