B2B - Advice and support for companies

Advice and support for companies

Flying Teachers specialises in language services for corporate clients. We offer you comprehensive, tailor-made courses or individual lessons in 28 languages as well as certificate exams, all at your location if desired.

Whether you need to develop general language skills or industry or activity-specific – after a careful needs analysis, our highly qualified and experienced specialists develop an offer tailored to your needs.

If desired, we can also take over the entire administrative processing of the language training. You have control over all processes via a customer interface and your employees can log in directly via the customer portal.

Integrated learning

We learn best when we do something ourselves. This is the basis of our training concept. The aim is for participants to be able to immediately apply what they have learned in everyday life or at work. That's why we teach in an action-oriented and topic-centered manner and train in real situations.

In our courses, participants take responsibility, work independently, cooperate with each other and solve problems. All of this leads to more motivation, creativity, independence, expertise, methodological and social skills.

Our tailor-made courses for corporate customers are structured according to the principle of integrated learning. This means that we supplement the development of vocabulary and grammar with subject-specific or customer-specific business modules and cloud learning as required.

In the advanced part we teach fundamental language skills. What is developed in the business modules depends on the needs of a company or the people to be trained: specialist or industry vocabulary, presentation techniques, negotiation vocabulary, etc. We also provide various e-learning tools in our cloud with which learners can deepen and practice individually.

The shortest path to linguistic success

The Flying Teachers® teaching concept consists of 3 coordinated elements. This enables the learner to combine learning content and learning methods and to apply the language directly.

Advanced course

Each course includes an advanced course in which the basic language skills for broad language development are taught.

Business modules

If desired, the advanced course can be supplemented with subject-specific modules that are tailored to the professional needs of the participants: for example, specialist vocabulary for engineers, social skills and presentation techniques for field staff, etc.

Cloud learning

The element of e-learning offers even more extensive individualization, which can be used flexibly by individual participants to support the learning process according to their needs.

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