Integration for teenagers


Flying Teachers offers maths and computer user courses for young adults and also prepares them for the ECDL certificate. Over fifty such courses have already been organised, each with around 8 participants.

In addition, Flying Teachers offers consultation hours for adults in the training centres of the canton Zurich and in the Basel-Landschaft cantonal library and advises them on questions relating to applications and technological aids. More than 200 people have already been helped.

Flying Teachers also teaches German at vocational colleges for vocational learners with a strong connection to general education lessons. The primary aim is for participants to improve their language skills, strengthen their language awareness and self-confidence and be able to follow regular lessons better.

Flying Teachers also offers individual coaching for teenagers and young adults for various examinations (entrance and final examinations for grammar schools, BMS, PHZH, ETH, universities, Multicheck) in all subjects (languages, natural sciences, mathematics, economics and law, society).

Our integration courses cover not only the local language, but also job market-related content, basic mathematical skills and information and communication technology tools. The promotion of autonomy and self-confidence is just as much a part of the programme as the training of various learning strategies.

Preparation for integration

Our educational programme prepares foreign-language teenagers aged 16 and over for integration into mainstream classes, both academically and culturally. Our courses are designed for those who do not yet speak enough German to follow regular classes. We offer a supportive environment, take individual life experiences into account as well as educational backgrounds and provide a solid foundation in German, including literacy.

The students acquire basic German skills up to level A1/A2 and gain insights into everyday maths and the use of electronic media. By the end of the programmes, they are familiar with the customs of Swiss schools and know how to behave appropriately in everyday school life.

Our preparatory courses for newly arrived foreign-language speaking teenagers in Switzerland aim to give the young adults a perspective and integrate them as soon as possible both socially and professionally. Enrolment is straightforward and it is possible to join our courses at any time. On completion of the course, students receive a progress report and have the opportunity to officially certify their language skills with a telc or fide certificate and their computer skills with an ECDL certificate.

We prepare teenagers optimally for the transition to mainstream school by imparting not only knowledge but also learning strategies and familiarising them with school practices. In addition to recognised teaching materials, we use a variety of materials tailored to the needs of individual teenagers.

Our teachers are highly motivated and have the necessary qualifications as well as continuous further training. With empathy, they encourage students to enjoy learning, the new language and Swiss culture.

We offer students a harmonious and trusting environment in which they can settle in peacefully. Thanks to our extensive experience in dealing with teenagers from different cultural backgrounds, we are also able to respond to traumatised pupils. Our teaching methods are varied and differentiated to ensure optimal individual support.

Our integration courses

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