With the fide-Test, you can officially prove your knowledge of German. The fide-Test is also recognized by the Confederation and the cantons as proof of German language skills for the settlement permits.

The fide-Test is the only test with which you can prove your oral and written knowledge separately - but with only one test.

Do you need level B1 orally and only A2 in writing? This is easily possible with the fide-Test. Or do you only need a certificate for oral but not for written? This is also possible with the fide-Test - not with any other certificate exams for German.

The examination times of the fide test are as follows:
Speaking section: 20 minutes (individual test)
Comprehension section: 20 minutes (individual test)
Reading & Writing section: Introduction approx. 15 minutes, test 60 minutes

The exact times will be announced by letter and email approx. 10 days before the test.

Please familiarise yourself in advance with the regulations and the registration and cancellation conditions on the registration form.

Please send us the completed registration form by the registration deadline to:

How can I prepare myself for the fide test?

You can find the model test and mock exams for the verbal examination here.

When will I receive my results?

You will receive the results (language pass) approx. 4 weeks after taking the test.

Accreditation number: ST-01-001


Any questions?