Simulation Lang-Gymi entrance exam

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What awaits you:
1 Lessons á 165 Minutes
In total 1 Days
Participants: Min. 1 Max. 10

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Simulation Lang-Gymi entrance exam

Are you in shape for the Langzeit-Gymi entrance test?

We prepare you for various exam tasks and scenarios for the long-term high school entrance exam with targeted exam simulations. We show you possible learning gaps and help you close them. This will give you more confidence and enable you to successfully pass the entrance exam.

All of our teachers are trained professionals with teaching experience and in-depth knowledge of the Swiss education system and examination formats.


The youngsters:

  • complete all parts of the entrance exam and receive detailed feedback
  • find out in which areas they can still improve
  •  can get used to real exam conditions
  • know and experience the scope and duration of the entire test

Course content

The model test for the long-term high school entrance exam was designed by Flying Teachers and has the same structure, format and level of difficulty as the current original exams.

The students face the exam situation and write a simulated entrance exam under real exam conditions.

Study material

Structured and tailored documents for targeted preparation for the entrance exam.

Course suitable for

Schoolkids in the 6th primary school class wanting to work towards the Matura at a Langzeit-Gymnasium in Zurich.

The course dates may be changed by the educational institution centre for an important reason

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