Holiday courses

School holidays should be a time to relax, meet friends or go away with the family. Sometimes however school holidays offer a welcome opportunity to deal with material that passed you by or prepare for the upcoming school year. Those who want to go far should start planning early!

Holiday courses with Flying Teachers

School holiday camps

At our holiday camps your knowledge in particular subjects is repeated and deepened. The recommended length of a holiday camp stay is thus at least a week, with two lessons per day in each subject. This intensive course will be run with one or more participants.

Fit for the Vocational School

Are you starting the Vocational Apprenticeship after the summer holidays? Great: a new chapter in your life is about to start! Perhaps it would be a good idea to revise material you have covered in German, French, English and Mathematics. You will then be secure in the knowledge that you are not missing any knowledge. Register for our intensive school holiday course to be best prepared for your next challenge!

Preparation for the BMS / IMS entrance exam

The prep courses for the BMS (Berufsmaturitätsschule) and IMS (Informatikmittelschule) entrance exams can be attended by schoolkids in or above the 3rd secondary class. You will discover how the exam is structured and what exactly you need to know. The course can be attended either as a holiday intensive course or crash course.

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