Telc exam preparation German


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What awaits you:
A1/1 A1/2 A1/3 A2/1 A2/2 A2/3 B1/1 B1/2 B1/3 B1/4 B2/1 B2/2 B2/3 B2/4 C1/1 C1/2 C1/3 C1/4
2 Lessons á 60 Minutes
In total 1 Days
Participants: Min. 4 Max. 12

CHF 130.00

Telc exam preparation German

Workshop with inputs and exercises for the Telc German exam preparation from A2 to C1.


The teacher is familiarised with the requirements for the Telc German exams from A2 to C1 and becomes acquainted with structure exam preparation.

Course content:

  • Similarities and differences in exams
  • Tasks and required strategies
  • Written correction
  • Feedback on the level of learning

Course suitable for:

Teachers of German as a foreign language with at least SVEB 1.

German knowledge of at least C1 level required.


All examples from teaching German as a foreign language.

The course dates may be changed by the educational institution centre for an important reason.

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