Preparatory course upcoming schoolyear

Course ID: 99999-12

What awaits you:
15 Lessons á 60 Minutes
In total 5 Days
Online Präsenz
Participants: Min. 2 Max. 6

CHF 800.00

Preparatory course upcoming schoolyear

Are you in shape for your upcoming schoolyear?

You have passed the exams, but still have uncertainties in individual subjects. At Flying Teachers you can now close the gaps in your material. This way you can start your next school year with more security and self-confidence.


Participants can start the next school year without any gaps in the material, well prepared and with a lot of self-confidence.

Course content:

  • Repetition and consolidation of the learning material for the subjects: German, mathematics, French

  • Learning learning strategies as well as tips and tricks for high school

Course suitable for:

Schoolkids entering a higher class.

The course dates may be changed by the educational institution centre for an important reason.

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