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fide-Test german

The fide language certificate is one of three ways to get the fide language pass. With the fide language pass you can officially prove your knowledge of German. The language passport is also recognized by the federal government and cantons as proof of German language skills for settlement permits.

The fide language certificate is the only exam with which you can prove your oral and written knowledge separately - but with just one exam.

Do you need level B1 verbally and only A2 in writing? This is easily possible with the fide language certificate. Or do you only need a certificate for oral but not written? This is also possible with the fide language certificate – not with all other certificate exams for German.

Please complete the registration form and send a signed copy to: or by post to Flying Teachers, Marktgasse 25, 3011 Bern.

Note: An additional fee may be charged for subsequent registrations (after the official registration date). Further information on request.

Registration form

Course content

The fide language certificate has two parts

Speaking and understanding

Duration: approx. 40 minutes

Read and write

Duration approx. 60 minutes

We conduct both parts of the exam on the same day. Please reserve the entire day for the exam.


As an examination candidate, you are responsible for familiarizing yourself with the Regulations for Participation in the FIDE Language Certificate"


1. Registration is binding. The examination fee must be paid at least 16 days before the examination.

2. Deregistration must be made in writing. You pay CHF 120.00 cancellation fees up to 16 days before the exam. If you cancel later, we will charge the entire examination fee.

3. You will receive a written exam confirmation by email approximately 2 weeks before the exam date.

4. The exam results will be emailed to you directly from Fide approximately 2-8 weeks after the exam date.

5. Bring a valid identity card with a photo to the exam (ID, passport).

6. If a dictionary is allowed for your exam type, please bring your own dictionary.

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