English Weekend Course


Course ID: 33333-10

What awaits you:
A1 A2 B1 B2 C1
60 Lessons á 45 Minutes
In total 10 Days
Online Präsenz
Participants: Min. 4

CHF 680.00

English Weekend Course

English is 'the' world language par excellence.

English is the corporate language in many global companies and is essential if you want to advance professionally.

Great Britain, the USA and Australia are also the most popular travel destinations worldwide.

Whether for work or for vacation, English is a must for everyone.

Our English courses are tailored to different levels and for different goals.

Course content / target


  • All skills are trained in this course. Listening comprehension, reading comprehension, conversation, writing and English in everyday working life.
  • English in everyday working life means: taking part in meetings, making phone calls, giving oral presentations, conducting business correspondence and job interviews.
  • The course follows a clearly structured course plan.
  • In addition to the course plan, the group works with a course book and/or a booklet.


  • Reaching the next language level.
  • Improving English skills at your place of work.


  • If not enough participants have registered for a course by the registration deadline, we reserve the right to cancel the course, postpone it or adjust the course costs after consultation.
  • No courses take place on official holidays.
  • You are only entitled to participate after written registration and payment of the course costs.
  • The course confirmation only entitles you to take part in the specified course and does not allow you to postpone participation from one month to the next.
  • The course costs will only be refunded if participation in the course is not possible due to Flying Teachers' fault.
  • All prices do not include course material. There are no additional registration fees.
  • There may be changes in teacher during the course.

The course dates may be changed by the educational institution centre for an important reason.

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