Bridge from CELTA-to-SVEB


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Bridge from CELTA to SVEB

Two-day training programme on group dynamics, group development, group cohesion, student behavior and the Swiss Educational System. Twenty hours on reading and research for the completion of two written assignments (4.000 words in total).
Trainer: Course taught by a Cambridge English and SVEB accredited trainers.

Prerequisites for participation in the course:

  • Submission of a CELTA/TRINITY TESOL official certificate issued in the last three years (for teachers who have already taught 150 hours or more the date of issue of the CELTA/Trinity ESOL Certificate can be of five years).
  • Proof of work stating that the teacher has already taught at least 50 hours to groups of at least three adults.

Only teachers who have taught a minimum of 50 hours to groups of adults can participate in the Bridge course. At the end of the weekend course, every course participant will receive a Flying Teachers certificate of attendance. This document must be kept by the candidate as it will be needed for the final certification procedure. The final certification procedure must occur within three years from the last day of the Bridge from CELTA/TRINITYTESOL Course.

Learning goals

SVEB Certificate Trainer certified SFAL (Swiss Federation of Adult Learning)

Requirements for the certification procedure:

The SVEB-Zertifikat Stufe 1 will be issued to Cambridge CELTA/TRINITY TESOL qualified teachers if the documents below are submitted:

  • Copy of the Cambridge CELTA or Trinity TESOL certificate (issued in the last three years or five years/see prerequisite above).
  • Copy of the Bridge course certificate of attendance showing that the teacher has attended all the sessions in the Bridge from CELTA/TRINITY TESOL TO SVEB I Course. 100% attendance in the Bridge course is required.
  • Pass grades in the pre- and post-course assignments.
  • Proof of work stating that the candidate has taught groups of at least three adults for a minimum of 150 hours in a period of at least two years (50 hours can be one-to-one teaching). The proof of work will have to clearly show a regular teaching activity in the period. Employment certificates must be enclosed to the document proof of work to confirm the information given.


  • Pratical Training: Candidates not having 50 lessons English teaching experience can teach an intensive English course organized by Flying Teachers. Please contact our administration.

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