Teaching exam preparation courses


ID du cours: 88888-15

Ce qui vous attend:
2 Leçons á 45 Procès-verbal
Au total 1 Jours
Participants: Min. 4 Max. 12

130,00 CHF

Teaching exam preparation courses

Workshop with input and learning tasks focusing on how to teach Cambridge English exam preparation courses (levels A2 to C1).

Course Aim:

To raise the teachers’ awareness of how to teach Cambridge English exams.

Course content:

In this practical workshop, we will look at:

  • The differences and similarities between the exams.
  • The different types of exam tasks and the strategies underlying them.
  • How to correct students’ written work in an exam class.
  • How to provide students with feedback on their overall performance.


  • All the tasks and activities used in this workshop focus on Cambridge English exams.
  • There will be no tasks focusing on the CPE exam.

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