SVEB - Frequently answered questions

  1. Is the SVEB course offered by Flying Teachers as equally recognised as those from other providers?
    Yes. The Flying Teachers course was accredited in 2006 by the Swiss Association for Further Education

  2. Is the Flying Teachers course the same as those offered elsewhere?
    Yes. Flying Teachers actually offers more than other providers. Flying Teachers also offers monitored lessons. German teachers can thus get started teaching and put what is learned in the course directly into practice. That means practical training from the very first minute!

  3. What additional costs are applicable?
    None for the SVEB course. Registration fees, cost of study materials and SVEB certificate are all included. The Eurolta certificate is optional and costs an additional CHF 400.

  4. What teaching experience is recognised for the SVEB certificate?
    • A total of 150 hours (60 mins) during a period of at least 2 years
    • Group lessons with at least 3 adult participants (over 16 years of age)
    • Up to 50 hours’ teaching with one or two persons and/or online teaching (accompanied learning and guided tasks).

  5. Can I have teaching lessons recognised which are more than 20 years old?
    Yes, if there is documentary proof e.g. confirmation of all information required (see example Praxisnachweis)

  6. Can I get my private teaching recognised?
    Yes, if the document confirming self-employed status contains all information required (see example Employment as independent course leader)

  7. On the website, it is written that the federal government subsidises the course. Does this mean that costs will be reimbursed upon obtaining the SVEB-1 certificate?
    No. Costs are only reimbursed if the state recognised examination (Fachausweis Ausbilder/-in) is taken. Further information is to be found at the following link: Federal subsidies for preparatory courses

  8. How long is the project work?
    Ca. 5 to 7 pages.

  9. Are the courses also recognised by fide?
    Yes, the SVEB/EUROLTA certificate for course leaders is recognised by fide for the BAE (Educational work with adults) and FZD (foreign and second language didactics) modules. Together with the modules SBU (scenario-based teaching) and MI (Migration und Interkulturalität) it leads to the fide certificate "Language course leader in the integration sector".

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