EUROLTA is an internationally recognized certificate for language teachers in adult education. The certificate confirms that you have a high professional level of methodological and didactic competence in modern language teaching.

Our EUROLTA bridge courses

You can obtain the EUROLTA certificate from Flying Teachers with the following courses:

SVEB / EUROLTA certificate Course Instructor for Language Course Instructors

SVEB / EUROLTA certificate Course Instructor for Language Course Instructors: In this course you can acquire the SVEB and EUROLTA certificates.

EUROLTA Bridging Course

Do not miss! A EUROLTA certificate proves that your competence as a teacher corresponds to European standards.

This course enables trainers who already hold the SVEB Course Instructor certificate to acquire the internationally recognized EUROLTA certificate.

Course content:

  • Participation in the module "Foreign Language Didactics" as part of the SVEB / EUROLTA course with accompanied practice lessons
  • 51 hours of attendance
  • Work requirement (approx. 150 hours of self-study): Write four tasks, one of which is group work. Methodical and didactic work with practical relevance.
  • Planning and evaluation of a self-held teaching unit.

Scope: A total of 51 lessons of 60 minutes each: CHF 1,800

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