SVEB/EUROLTA Certificates

SVEB/EUROLTA Certificates

People wishing to teach adults in Switzerland are well advised to have the SVEB qualification as course leader. It is recognised throughout Switzerland and is regarded as the starting point for teachers wanting to teach adults (SVEB = Swiss Association for Further Education).

SVEB courses with Flying Teachers

In our video we explain how SVEB courses at Flying Teachers work.

SVEB modules for language and course instructors

SVEP Grafik

SVEB modules for language and course instructors

You can obtain the SVEB certificate from us in different variants:

  • Are you looking for a training programme in the field of adult education?
  • Would you like to teach German or foreign languages?
  • Or teach German in the area of integration?

At Flying Teachers you can obtain the SVEB certificate specialising in language teaching.

Flying Teachers is recognised by the SVEB as a training institution. You will receive the SVEB certificate as soon as you have completed the course and provided proof of 150 practical hours over a period of at least 2 years.

Brochure SVEB / EUROLTA / fide 2023

SVEB Information Day

You will receive more information about the FSEA at our information day.
Click here to register for the FSEA informaiton day!

Information day from 17:00 to 18:00
Other dates on request

Form for the proof of practice with Flying Teachers
Here you can download the SVEB Proof of practice 

Why Flying Teachers?

Only with us: In our SVEB / EUROLTA certificate as a Course Instructor (languages) you teach lessons accompanied by an expert

You get more knowledge for your money. In our SVEB / EUROLTA certificate (languages) course, you will attend 113 lessons in 18 days. You can lead courses in your specialist area (all industries and languages)

Only with us: Gain teaching experience. As part of SVEB training, we offer accompanied and paid teaching internships so that you can put theory into practice

SVEB in the age of digitization: SVEB / EUROLTA Course Instructor certificate (languages) in blended learning settings (online and face-to-face teaching)

Only with us: for language course teachers!

Did you know ? Flying Teachers is also a Fide-recognised training institution and offers the following Fide courses:

  • SVEB certificate course leader DaF / DaZ in the integration area
  • Fide module SBU (scenario-based teaching)
  • Fide module MI (migration and interculturality)

Save money! If you complete 2 modules with Flying Teachers, you will receive a 10% discount.
We are present throughout Switzerland!

Overview of courses offered by SVEB and Fide & glossary (DE)

AdA system image (DE)

Further information about SVEB/EUROLTA

SVEB certificates

SVEB Certificates

EUROLTA bridge course


Practical training

Practical training



We will be happy to provide you with more information and details:
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Customer testimonials

Dear Flying Teachers Team,

It is with immense joy that I confirm having received the FSEA and EUROLTA certificates in my mailbox yesterday morning.

I truly want to express my sincere gratitude for having gone through this training with you. I remember my first conversation with Nadine, who opened the doors of the school to me during my visit to Berne, and who told me about this training I had long awaited in Lausanne. Despite being employed full-time in a very demanding company, this training really opened up another world for me.

Thank you to Judith for leading the group during the training and for choosing Sabrina as the trainer. Sabrina was able to create a positive atmosphere within the group with which I am still in contact.

Thank you to Stefan for offering me to work as a trainee teacher and to Magda for her valuable advice. It gave me incredible energy, and the teaching experiences were very enriching.

I would also like to express my gratitude to the entire administrative, HR, IT (thank you Antonio for helping me on several occasions), accounting team, etc., you have always been very available and patient with me.

I would also like to apologize for the last course you offered me in Grandvaux. I got carried away by my enthusiasm without considering my schedule. Indeed, I am trying to reduce my work hours to fully pursue my passion: teaching.

However, I would be delighted to receive other offers (with a slight preference for online courses) and I am at your disposal if you need testimonials regarding the FSEA/EUROLTA training. This training has encouraged me to continue on this path in order to obtain the Federal Diploma.

A big thank you to all of you,

Our SVEB/EUROLTA certificate courses

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