When teaching people who have migrated from other countries, issues of learning difficulty are often confronted. This places particular demands on teachers. In our course, you can obtain the skills needed to handle issues likely to be found in teaching in the migration area.

What is fide?

fide stands for "Français, Italiano, Deutsch in der Schweiz" and refers to the Swiss programme to promote language integration.

To obtain the fide certificate «Language course leader in the field of integration» , language course instructors must demonstrate their skills in the following areas of competence:

  • Module BAE (educational work with adults) - integrated in the SVEB/EUROLTA course at Flying Teachers
  • Module FZD (foreign and second language didactics) - integrated into the SVEB/EUROLTA course at Flying Teachers
  • Module MI (Migration and Interculturality)
  • SBU module (scenario-based teaching according to the fide principles)

There are various options for acquiring the individual module tests. In the illustration below you can see which fide modules are included in the courses on offer.

Flying Teachers is a fide-recognised training institution.

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SVEB / fide info evening

You can also find out more about fide at our information evening.

Why Flying Teachers?

Only with us: In our SVEB/EUROLTA Certificate Course Leader (Languages) course, you teach supervised practice lessons

You get more knowledge for your money. In our SVEB/EUROLTA Certificate (Languages) course, you will attend 113 lessons in 18 days. You can run courses in your area of specialisation (all sectors and languages)

Only with us: gain teaching experience. As part of the SVEB training programme, we offer supervised and paid teaching internships so that you can put theory into practice

SVEB in times of digitalisation: SVEB/EUROLTA certificate for course leaders (languages) in blended learning settings (online and face-to-face teaching)

NEW: SVEB Module 3: Supporting individual learning processes

Only with us: for language course leaders!

Did you know? Flying Teachers is also a fide-recognised training institution and offers the following fide courses:

  • SVEB Certificate Course Leader DaF/DaZ in the field of integration
  • fide module SBU (scenario-based teaching)
  • fide module MI (Migration and Interculturality)

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