SVEB/EUROLTA Certificate: Trainer (languages), AdA ZA-DL


Course ID: 88888-9

What awaits you:
108 Lessons á 60 Minutes
In total 18 Days
Online Präsenz
Participants: Min. 6 Max. 14

CHF 3,450.00

SVEB/EUROLTA Certificate: Trainer (languages), AdA ZA-DL

Conduct learning events with groups of adults in the field of foreign languages

For course leaders DaF/DaZ as well as French, Italian, English and Spanish as a foreign language

With this course you will acquire the methodological and didactic basics in order to be able to successfully plan, carry out and evaluate language courses. You will learn how you can make teaching units varied and participant-oriented. You will receive practical input on planning and learning goal monitoring and on the use of a wide range of methods. They deal with central aspects of group dynamics and reflect on their own behaviour.

Thanks to the division of the course days into face-to-face and online days (in the virtual classroom), you will acquire both analogue and digital skills and, after the course, you will be able to teach in both settings in a way that is participant-friendly and varied.

Only with Flying Teachers: You teach at least 2 guided practice lessons and can therefore immediately implement, try out and practice what you have learned. In order to gain practice in online and face-to-face settings, teach the first lesson in the virtual classroom with a teaching aid on a given topic (German as a foreign language) and the second lesson in face-to-face format on a language topic of your choice. You will be observed and receive feedback from your colleagues and your course instructor - practical relevance from the first minute!

Self-study: This takes an average of 165 hours and includes the following tasks and content:

  • Planning and preparation of two guided practice lessons
  • Planning and preparation of the proof of competence (practical demonstration)
  • Keeping a learning diary
  • Writing four written papers on specified topics, one of which was group work
  • Individual deepening of the learning material with specialist literature

Course content

  • Basics of adult-specific learning and teaching
  • Methodological and didactic tools
  • Basic didactic knowledge of foreign language teaching
  • Basics of communication and feedback culture
  • Dealing with disorders, interventions
  • Self-assessment and reflection

Requirements for module confirmation

  • At least 80% participation on the course days
  • Keeping a learning diary (reflection on the learning process)
  • Practical demonstration (plan and carry out a sequence of 30 minutes, either in person or in a virtual classroom) graded as “passed” by the module lecturer
  • 4 project works rated “fulfilled”.


    • Expertise in your own specialist area
    • Knowledge of German at least level C1
    • Experience in leading learning events with adults is not required but makes participation easier. It is therefore recommended that you hold your own learning events parallel to the module visit at the latest.


The SVEB certificate for trainers conducting learning events (Swiss Association for Further Education) is a nationally recognized certificate that is valid for an unlimited period of time and enables you to work as a trainer in adult education. It is now required at almost all certified educational institutions in Switzerland for educational work with adults.

EUROLTA certificate (European Certificate in Language Teaching to Adults)

If you obtain the SVEB certificate from us, you have an additional advantage: you can be EUROLTA certified at the same time. Your qualification is therefore recognized throughout Europe.

Note: Additional costs for EUROLTA certificate: CHF 400.00.

Fide: the EUROLTA certificate is recognized by Fide as an equivalent qualification for the module “Foreign and Second Language Didactics” (part of the fide certificate “Language course leader in the integration area). The prerequisite for this is the acquisition of the EUROLTA certificate as part of the SVEB course.

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