S-03-016 Alphabetisation Intensive I

Course ID: 1111-2

What awaits you:
120 Lessons á 45 Minutes
In total 40 Days
Participants: Min. 4 Max. 10

CHF 2,880.00

S-03-016 Alphabetisation Intensive I

This course is aimed at foreign language speakers who do not know the Latin alphabet or do not know it well enough. In our literacy course, participants learn the Latin alphabet as well as how to read simple sentences and write words. In addition, we offer integrated language training, which enables participation in an advanced A1.1 course.

Course content:

  • Recognising and writing letters of the Latin alphabet
  • Spelling and writing words
  • Identify syllables
  • Recognising, understanding and writing simple words
  • The most important sentences for everyday life

Course aim:

  • To be able to name and write letters in the Latin alphabet
  • Be able to spell words
  • Recognise syllables and form words
  • Understand the meaning of simple words and simple sentences
  • Be able to communicate in a basic way in everyday life.

The course is suitable for:

  • Course participants who have not learnt any script and/or cannot read or write in the Latin script
  • Course participants who have learnt a script other than Latin and/or cannot read or write in the Latin script


Prerequisite: Minimum knowledge of German (level A0)

The course dates may be changed by the educational institution centre for an important reason.

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