Online teaching as self study


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What awaits you:
10 Lessons á 90 Minutes
In total 10 Days
Participants: Min. 1 Max. 12

CHF 220.00

Online teaching as self study

Are you ready for the challenges of digital change? With the e-learning course “Online Teaching” you will learn the technical and methodological basics of online teaching through self-study

Complete our e-learning course and learn more about the background, skills, tools and resources needed to plan and deliver engaging online courses.

Key topics:

  • Use of online teaching and “blended learning”
  • Structure and plan online lessons
  • Create and use digital course material
  • Select and use conference software and digital tools
  • “Turn the classroom around” and organize course time efficiently
  • Didactic aspects of online teaching


The course participants can…

  • Transfer and apply the principles of face-to-face teaching to an online environment
  • Create and use digital teaching materials
  • Use meeting software for online teaching
  • Supplement the course materials with appropriate digital resources
  • Select and effectively use tools and techniques for language teaching in an online environment.
  • Use the principle of “flipped teaching” to organize online course time efficiently
  • teach different skills and content under the specific conditions of an online environment

Course content

  • Design online and blended learning courses
  • Plan and conduct online courses
  • Create and use digital course materials
  • Select and use appropriate meeting software
  • Use digital resources to optimize online teaching
  • “Turn the lesson around”
  • Teach listening comprehension, writing, speaking, reading comprehension, vocabulary and grammar online

Course suitable for

Course instructors who are not yet familiar with online learning or would like to expand their existing knowledge - and do so with complete flexibility in terms of time and location


  • This course is completed exclusively online, through self-study, without supervision from course instructors.
  • You can also complete this course as a certificate course, with group lessons and a final evaluation by a course instructor. You can find more information in the course “Certificate: Online Teaching”
  • For a brief introduction to the basics of online teaching, visit the online workshop: “How do I teach online?”
  • You can find the courses under this link: Fit for online teaching

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