Kantonaler Deutschtest KDE


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Kantonaler Deutschtest KDE

Anyone who wants to become naturalized in the canton of Zurich must have sufficient knowledge of German.

Ordinary naturalization:

Your examination result will be sent directly to the naturalization office.

Simplified naturalization and approval procedures at the migration office:

You do not need a letter from the municipality, the SEM or the migration office. Your exam result will be sent to you directly.


For naturalization I have to know German.

- I need level B1 for listening and speaking.

- I need level A2 for reading and writing.

I have to take a test. The German test in the canton of Zurich is called KDE (Cantonal German Test for Naturalization).

The KDE is based on four skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking.

All four of these skills are tested. Possible test content is taken from everyday life, e.g. living, children, work, media, traffic, shopping, hobbies, school, etc.

Target group

People who have German language skills at level A2 in writing (reading and writing) and B1 in oral (speaking and listening).


Duration (total approx. 1.5 hour)

• Listening: 15 minutes

• Reading: 35 minutes

• Writing: 25 minutes

The speaking part of the test is carried out separately in the form of an individual interview.

Speaking: 15 minutes (for two exam candidates)


To pass the KDE, the following levels must be achieved:

• Listening and speaking: B1

• Reading and writing: A2

Test your language level with our free Online placement test.
Our course "Fit for the KDE" will provide you with optimal preparation for the KDE exam.

On the day of the exam (permitted aids)

No aids permitted. Dictionaries and similar aids are not permitted. Mobile phones, iPods or other electronic devices are also not allowed to be used.

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