How to teach French online? (group teaching)


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What awaits you:
1 Lessons á 90 Minutes
In total 1 Days
Participants: Min. 2 Max. 6

CHF 170.00

How to teach French online? (group teaching)

Ready for online teaching?

This group training offers you the basic useful elements of online teaching. We respond to your specific needs and questions.


Bring together and “zoom in” basic online teaching tools.

Course content:

This online training gives you the opportunity to benefit from “know-how” from one of our experienced teachers from a first-hand source:

  • get to know online meeting software
  • get to know how to use online meeting software and its basic resources
  • transfer classroom training to the virtual setting
  • different online teaching techniques (share the screen, “chat box”, different digital boards, digital pens, etc.)
  • principle of an “inverted classroom”

This group training also gives you a unique opportunity to exchange valuable information with other participants as well as observe the transmission of theoretical content in an authentic online lesson.

To successfully complete this course, you should record a 15-minute segment of your online lesson.

The supervisor will then evaluate the recorded sequence and decide whether it complies with online teaching requirements.

The price of this assessment is included in the course price.

Course for

Language teachers who teach or plan to teach online.


The essential condition for participating in this course would be a good Internet connection, a computer equipped with a camera and headphones.

This training is dedicated to participants with basic computer knowledge.

You will get your link for the meeting (virtual class) after receiving certification for this course.

This individual training is based on a predefined course program, however the teacher will adapt to the specific needs and individual questions of each participant.

The training will be carried out by teachers with a lot of experience in individual teaching certified by FSEA or CELTA.

We also offer: The “Certificate: Teaching Online” course.

This comprehensive training focuses on online teaching. Once the training is completed, you will obtain the “Teach Online” certificate from Flying Teachers.

The course dates may be changed by the educational institution centre for an important reason.

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