EUROLTA Gateway Course


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What awaits you:
57 Lessons á 60 Minutes
In total 10 Days
Online Präsenz
Participants: Min. 1 Max. 14

CHF 1,975.00

EUROLTA Gateway Course

Facilitate learning sessions with groups of adults in the field of foreign languages

For French trainers as well as German, Italian, English and other foreign languages, who have an FSEA certificate or who can prove that they have completed an FSEA certificate course (FFA BF-M1, respectively FFA CF-AF) .

This course allows you to acquire the methodological and didactic bases necessary to successfully plan, carry out and evaluate language courses. You will learn to design varied and participant-oriented teaching units. You receive practical information on planning and monitoring learning objectives as well as on the use of a wide variety of methods. You address the central aspects of evaluating teaching sequences and reflect on your own behaviour.

Thanks to the distribution of course days in person and online (in the virtual classroom), you acquire analogue and digital skills and are able, after the course, to teach in a varied way adapted to the participants in the two frames.

Only at Flying Teachers: you teach at least two lessons of accompanied exercises and can thus immediately put what you have learned into practice, experiment with it and practice it. In order to gain practice online and in person, you teach the first lesson in the virtual classroom with a textbook on a given theme (French as a foreign language) and the second lesson in person on a linguistic theme of your choice. You will be observed and receive feedback from your colleagues and your course director - a connection to practice from the first minute!

Personal study: personal study, which represents on average 165 hours, includes the following missions and contents:

  • planning and preparation of two lessons of accompanied exercises
  • Planning and preparation for skills assessment (practical demonstration)
  • Keeping a learning journal
  • Writing of four written works on given themes, including group work
  • Individual deepening of the subject taught using specialized literature

Course objective:

  • They are able to plan, carry out and evaluate language lessons with adults within the framework of given concepts, programs and teaching materials.
  • They have proven skills in the methodological and didactic design of language courses for adults, in accordance with European standards.

Course content

  • Participation in the “Didactics of foreign languages” module (subject teaching and practice class) as part of the FSEA/EUROLTA course.
  • 57 hours of presence time
  • Work to be done (approximately 150 hours of personal work): write four written projects, including group work. Methodological-didactic work with practical relevance.
  • Planning and evaluation of a self-study unit as part of the FSEA/EUROLTA course.

Evidence required to obtain the module certificate:

  • Attendance of at least 80% on course days
  • Keeping a learning journal (reflection on the learning process)
  • Practical demonstration (plan and carry out a 30-minute sequence, choice in person or in virtual class) evaluated as "passed" by the module teacher
  • 4 project works evaluated with the mention "successful

To obtain the EUROLTA certificate, the following conditions must also be met:

  • Practical proof of a 50-hour teaching activity in the field of adult language training (group courses with at least 3 participants); proof in the form of work certificates or certificates from employers/agents.
  • People who cannot yet demonstrate a sufficient number of hours of practice at the time of completing the course can request the EUROLTA certificate up to a maximum of one year after the end of the course, attaching the certificate of module and required proof of practice.


  • Professional competence in own field
  • Knowledge of French at minimum C1 level
  • It is not necessary to have experience in leading training courses for adults, but it makes participation easier. It is therefore recommended to organize your own learning sessions at the latest in parallel with attending the module.

The course dates may be changed by the educational institution centre for an important reason.

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