ECDL Course - Base Module

Course ID: 11111-102

What awaits you:
48 Lessons á 45 Minutes
In total 24 Days
Online Präsenz
Participants: Min. 6 Max. 14

CHF 1,310.00

ECDL Course - Base Module

This course deepens the basics learnt in the computer application course and expands the basic knowledge of using Word, Excel, PowerPoint and the Internet. The necessary confidence and self-reliance in using Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Internet browsers is acquired.

Course content:

  • To familiarise yourself with the use of various formatting elements in Word and to design documents in an appealing way.
  • Learn how to use formulae in Excel and use them for simple calculations.
  • Prepare a presentation visually with the help of PowerPoint and present it effectively.
  • Search for information on the Internet and learn how to use e-mails.

ECDL-Base (European Computer Driving Licence)

The ECDL certificate is a European-recognised certificate that certifies your employees' knowledge of PC use. This course prepares you for the ECDL-Base exam; previous knowledge of PC use is not necessary. In 4 modules (computer basics, online basics, word processing with Word, spreadsheets with Excel) you will gain valuable knowledge for a proficient use of the PC.


Minimal knowledge of German

The course dates may be changed by the educational institution centre for an important reason.

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