The Common European Reference Framework is concerned with assessing progress in learning a foreign language. The aim is to make the various European language certificates comparable with one another and to create a benchmark for the acquisition of language skills.

GER levels

Level A1

Basic Level 1 - You can understand familiar words and simple sentences. You can communicate in a
simple way. You can write a short, simple postcard.

Level A2

Basic Level 2 - You can understand very simple information. You can find concrete information in
simple texts. You can communicate in simple, routine situations. You can write short, simple notes
and messages.

Level B1

Intermediate 1 - You can understand the main information when it comes to familiar things from
work, school and leisure, etc. You can understand texts in everyday or professional language. You can
take part in conversations about family, hobbies, work or travel and share your experiences and

Level B2

Intermediate 2 - You can follow longer speeches and understand texts on concrete and abstract
topics. You can communicate with native speakers in normal conversations. You can present
information and present arguments in reports.

Level C1

Upper level 1 - You can follow longer speeches and understand long, complex texts and also grasp
implicit meanings. You can express yourself spontaneously, fluently and precisely. You can write about
complex issues using an appropriate style.

Level C2

Upper Level 2 - They can easily understand virtually everything they read and hear. You can
summarize information from different sources and present reasons and explanations in a coherent
presentation. You can express yourself spontaneously, very fluently and precisely and make subtle
nuances of meaning clear even in more complex situations.

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