Basic skills

Our courses are directed towards adults wanting to learn reading and writing. We also offer courses on IT and Mathematics. We will provide you with the basics you need in day-to-day life and fill gaps in knowledge as required.

Mathematics for adults

Many adults find even basic calculation and arithmetic a challenge. Knowledge of mathematics can be very useful in day-to-day life. In a group we will revise elements you have had in the past and learn new, useful and important elements of basic maths.


Those who have completed normal schooling yet still have issues with reading and writing are faced with many barriers in today’s mobile society. Repeating and gaining supremacy in this area is a demanding task for adults. We have experienced teachers on hand who are up to the challenge of guiding participants through to success in reading and writing.

Flying Teachers offers literacy courses for people with German mother tongue, as well as special courses for those from overseas without knowledge of the written language (primary illiteracy), or without knowledge of the Latin alphabet (secondary illiteracy).


PC-user course

This course is designed for people who are challenged by the rapid technological and digital development in today’s society. In this course you will learn to work with the computer and use important applications (Windows operating system). Subjects covered in the course include drafting and saving documents with Word, creating folder structures, becoming familiar with the internet and using it correctly, playing audio and video files, and how to upload documents and multimedia data.

PC-advanced course

This course is designed for adults who have already dealt with the basic competencies covered in the PC User Course and would now like to go a stage further. With an experienced instructor, you will gain confidence and independence in dealing with the common Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) as well as the internet.

ECDL-Base (European Computer Driving License)

The ECDL Certificate is recognised throughout Europe as a certificate confirming ability to use a computer. Previous knowledge of computers is not required. In four modules (computer basics, online basics, data processing with Word and spreadsheet calculation with Excel) you will gain valuable knowledge enabling you to use computers with confidence.

Job applications – fit for your next job

Those with a clear job application strategy, the appropriate documentation and a convincing manner are likely to be at the front of the queue. It is therefore important to pursue the right job search strategy and be carefully prepared.

The aim of our course is to guide you professionally towards your new position and raise your chances of success. How should I apply properly? How should a CV be compiled? How can I convince a potential employer with my motivation letter? Or in general: how and where do I find interesting job offers?

With us, you will learn what is needed to succeed in the job search market.

What are basic skills at the workplace?

In order to master situations at work, basic competence in reading, writing, languages, basic maths and dealing with digital tools is required. For example:

  • Recieving orders
  • Simple computer use
  • Completing work reports electronically
  • Discussing technical problems and passing on orders
  • Understanding written directives or work plans
  • Registering measurements and product codes
  • Following dosage directives

Well educated and motivated staff are important for the company’s future!

We are happy to organise these courses in-house at your company.

  • Price on request. Dates, time and location by arrangement
  • Course language in English possible on request
  • We offer group courses at our locations in Bern and Zurich.

Our basic skills courses

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